Pieces of the internet falling into the abyss

Hi! It’s been ages, and updating my website this weekend really drove that home. D:

I’ve updated the fan comics, gallery and fanart pages extensively, mostly adding things I made for exchanges (as usual). If you have an Ao3 account, I’ve now put all of my fancomics in a collection for easier browsing based on fandoms or tags.

In the wake of Twitter’s drawn out garbage fire death-in-progress, I’ve sort of rejoined Tumblr but have been most active on the Fediverse at blorbo.social (no direct link to prevent them getting hit by bots). I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much my experience improved once I joined a fandom-centric server, though it has been a little weird following people from several of my disparate online circles in one place.

Speaking of fandom and disparate online circles, I was recently interviewed for an academic project about the history of Australian comics. I ended up talking a lot about fandom and the impact it’s had (and continues to have) on the art and comics I make. I’ll post when there’s more to share. 💖

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