Follow My Lead


Aurelia Rouge has it all: by designing her own up-to-the-minute virtual fashions to suit her sharp sense of style, she’s attracted plenty of attention and a legion of admirers to fulfill her every whim, despite her reputation as a cold customer.

Natalya Starr wants it all: by coolly trading her virtual favours for virtual cash, she acquires anything and everything that catches her eye, despite her reputation as a crass, manipulative gold-digger.

Now the up-and-coming sex goddess of the virtual world Metaverse wants something from the Ice Queen, and she knows just how to get it… but there’s something she doesn’t know. You see, in reality ‘Aurelia Rouge’ is Kevin Alexander, an ordinary graphic designer with Pixella Software, and a man—and by day ‘Natalya Starr’ is closer to Kevin than he knows…

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Blurb by M. Chandler, logo design by Mike Stevens