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While my art is perfectly legal, I don’t want people (particularly under-18s, or the easily offended) stumbling across it accidentally. I also want to protect those of you who are kind enough to comment on my work. Selected pages of this website are public to help you decide whether you want to register; try the gallery, doujinshi or Follow My Lead.

I’m more surprised than anyone, but fandom exchanges have done my productivity a huge favour over the last couple of years!

Visit GX Australia in Sydney on the weekend of April 28-29 and you’ll be able to buy comics, artbooks and art made by RAE Comics, SB Boots, Caleyndar and me!

The super talented J has announced the release of an AsuLili (Tekken) fanzine, with preorders open until the 29th May! Full info is on tumblr and you can preorder the book on Tictail. I have one pic in the book, it’s an honour to be in there alongside so many amazing artists :}

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