Why do I have to register/log in?

Welcome to NeoHysteria!

While my art is perfectly legal, I don’t want people (particularly under-18s, or the easily offended) stumbling across it accidentally. I also want to protect those of you who are kind enough to comment on my work. Selected pages of this website are public to help you decide whether you want to register; try the gallerydoujinshi or Follow My Lead.

By registering or signing in you imply that you are of legal age to view mature artwork in your country. Your contact details will never be used for anything apart from giving you access to this website, but I would advise you to create a throwaway account with a complex and unique password if you’re concerned about privacy.

Unfortunately I’ve had to blacklist Yahoo! and Yandex addresses from registering as they are so prone to being hacked and used by spammers. Sorry if this affects you; you can either use a different email account to register, or log in with a Wordpress.com account if you have one.